PSC SR-VT - Fluid Anti-Splash Valve for PSC Remote Reservoir

PSC SR-VT - Fluid Anti-Splash Valve for PSC Remote Reservoir


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PROBLEM: Power steering fluid overflowing through the reservoir vent hole.

SOLUTION: PSC has solved the problem of power steering fluid from being splashed out through the reservoir vent and all over vehicle engine bay with the introduction of this pressurized Power Steering Fluid Anti-Splash Valve.

Specifically designed to work with a PSC remote reservoir tank, this Fluid Anti-Splash Valve is engineered to control fluid aeration and cavitation by allowing the fluid reservoir to remain consistently pressurized at 6 PSI. Because it creates a hermetic seal, fluid contamination by environmental particulates such as dust and dirt is prevented which helps to prolong the life cycle of the fluid. The product also features a rollover safety valve function to restrict fluid loss in the event of unwanted vehicular orientation.

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