Air over Hydraulic Pump

Air over Hydraulic Pump


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SPX Hydraulic Pump - 10,000-PSI - TMR Customs

The SPX high-pressure PA Series air/hydraulic pump is easily operated by hand or foot. Unlike most of its counterparts, this SPX pump is made in the USA and is completely serviceable, providing economical repair for a lifetime of use. The high-efficiency air motor and reinforced heavy-duty, lightweight reservoir make it ideal for applications in rugged environments. An operating air pressure of between 40 to 120 psi enables the pump to start at extremely low pressure. We paired this unit with our benders, because of its tremendous power. At maximum capacity (10,000 PSI), this unit pumps roughly 10 cubic inches per minute, which translates to quicker bends, even with the thickest-walled material. Despite its industrial design, this unit features a remarkably quite operation; at maximum power, it produces a noise level of only 85 dBA. A permanently vented reservoir cap, internal relief valve, and air inlet filter protect all parts of this pump.
Designed for demanding applications, the Thermo-Plastic Safety Hydraulic Hose features a 4:1 safety factor. Constructed of polyurethane, its outside jacket provides maximum abrasion resistance. It exhibits low volumetric expansion under pressure to enhance overall system efficiency and a crimped-on rubber strain-relief improves life and durability. The quick-release coupling allows you to attach this hose to the pump in seconds. | Includes: Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Hose, and Hydraulic Coupling

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