Pro-Tools Model 105 Hydraulic Hardware Conversion Kit

Pro-Tools Model 105 Hydraulic Hardware Conversion Kit


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Pro Tools 105 Bender - Hydraulic Hardware Conversion Kit - TMR Customs

This kit comes with all of the hardware you need to mount any of our 10-Ton Hydraulic Cylinders to a 105 Standard or Heavy Duty Tube and Pipe Bender, and it installs in less than 10 minutes. The Hydraulic Conversion Brackets extend the length of swing arms to increase the torque output of the hydraulic cylinder while the spacers maintain proper spacing, alignment, and rigidity of the swing arms and the brackets themselves. The 10-Ton Yoke provides a convenient mounting point for any of our 10-Ton Hydraulic Cylinders, where the 10-Ton Clevis mounts. Finally, the Hydraulic Pin secures the clevis to the hydraulic brackets. The entire kit is constructed of high-grade domestic steel and is engineered for multiple generations of use. It will withstand the constant use of your bender in any setting. | Includes: Two Hydraulic Conversion Brackets, Two Hydraulic Spacers, One 10-Ton Yoke, One 10-Ton Hydraulic Clevis, and One Hydraulic Pin

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