Pro-Tools Model 105 Air over Hydraulic Conversion Kit

Pro-Tools Model 105 Air over Hydraulic Conversion Kit


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This kit comes with everything you need to convert your manual 105 Standard or Heavy Duty Tube and Pipe Bender into an air over hydraulic operation. It installs in less than ten minutes. The Hydraulic Conversion Brackets extend the length of the swing arms to increase the torque output of the hydraulic cylinder while the spacers maintain proper spacing, alignment, and rigidity of the swing arms and the brackets themselves. The 10-Ton Yoke provides a convenient mounting point for any of our 10-Ton Hydraulic Cylinders, where the 10-Ton Clevis mounts. Finally, the Hydraulic Pin secures the clevis to the hydraulic brackets. The mounting brackets and hardware are constructed of high-grade domestic steel and are engineered for multiple generations of use. It will withstand constant use of your bender in any setting.
The 14-1/8"-stroke, 10-ton hydraulic cylinder effortlessly powers our 105 Standard and Heavy Duty Tube and Pipe Benders. Even at full capacity of the benders, this cylinder, coupled our air/hydraulic pump, seamlessly bends any size tubing the 105 can handle. Don't be fooled by cheaper cylinders on the market! Unlike most of its counterparts, this cylinder is completely serviceable, providing economical repair for a lifetime of use. Aluminum bronze bearings reduce wear throughout the cylinder while a solid steel cylinder body ensures durability. The chrome-plated piston rod resists wear and corrosion while the rod wiper and urethane seal protects it from any contamination during cycles. Constructed with the maximum number of coils, the large springs speed piston return and increase spring life.
The air/hydraulic pump is easily operated by hand or foot. The high-efficiency cast aluminum air motor and reinforced heavy-duty, lightweight reservoir make it ideal for applications in rugged environments. An operating air pressure of between 25 to 125 psi enables the pump to start at extremely low pressure. We paired this unit with our benders, because of its tremendous power. At maximum capacity (10,000 PSI), this unit pumps roughly 10 cubic inches per minute, which translates to quicker bends, even with the thickest-walled material. Despite its industrial design, this unit features a remarkably quite operation; at maximum power, it produces a noise level of only 76 dBA.
Designed for demanding applications, the Thermo-Plastic Safety Hydraulic Hose features a 4:1 safety factor. Constructed of polyurethane, its outside jacket provides maximum abrasion resistance. It exhibits low volumetric expansion under pressure to enhance overall system efficiency and a crimped-on rubber strain-relief improves life and durability. The quick-release coupling allows you to attach this hose to the pump in seconds. | Includes: Hydraulic Cylinder; Air over Hydraulic Pump; Hydraulic line, Hydraulic coupling; Hydraulic Conversion Hardware

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