ORI Dual-fill Nitrogen Charge Kit

ORI Dual-fill Nitrogen Charge Kit

SKU: ORI Dual-fill PA-162B

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Nitrogen Charge Kit - ORI Dual-fill - TMR Customs

ORI Dual-fill Nitrogen Charge Kits are even compatible with other name-brand suspension systems and can be used in a pinch to inflate your tires.

Dual-fill kit features:

  • Stainless steel, oil-fillable gauge with a 600 psi range.
  • Direct pressure to a single shock or balance two shocks at the same time to significantly reduce setup time.
  • Zero-loss connection valves to charge shock with no loss of pressure
  • Two 5-foot stainless braided hoses to reach between right and left side shocks for simultaneous fill.
  • 2-foot, stainless steel braided hose connects to the nitrogen source
  • Easy pressure bleeding with a relief valve
  • Option of blocking the source to bleed pressure from the shocks
  • Schrader valve connections fit ORI Struts and most other name-brand shocks, coil-overs and external bump stops
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