1/4" Thick AR400 Sheet - 12" x 12"

1/4" Thick AR400 Sheet - 12" x 12"

SKU: 1/4" Thick AR400 Sheet - 12" x 12"

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Why AR400 plate? AR400 is thru-hardened and abrasion resistant. It's the ultimate material for skid plates or wear plates. If it's tough enough for a mining bucket it'll definitely hold up under your off road build! And yes, you can MIG weld it!

We've been using it at TMR for years on pinion guards, skid plates, diff covers, etc. on our race builds. Just cut it to shape with an abrasive disc and laminate it over your existing part to add the ultimate in strength and abrasion resistance!

Looking for metal to fabricate custom brackets, chassis parts, body panels, floors, mounts, etc.? At TMR Customs we've got you covered with a variety of materials and thicknesses. 

Each piece measures 12" x 12"


We're wheelers too - we back every product with the TMR Customs quality guarantee. Our products are designed to be the ultimate in durability and withstand years of abuse. So go ahead and abuse them in the dirt and rocks - just as they were intended!

Designed, manufactured and tested by true off road enthusiasts!

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